Monday, May 21, 2007

Steve Nash = Moses?

So a soft launch it is: Great post today by Sam Rubenstein over at basketball magazine SLAM. He compares the cases of Steve Nash (never got to the NBA Finals) to Moses (never got to that other "Promised Land"). Here's a highlight:
Steve Nash was drafted by the Phoenix Suns but didn’t play much there. He was sent to Dallas, where he became an NBA star, learning under the leadership of Mark Cuban. Cuban exhibits many traits of a Pharaoh, such as an obsession with material wealth, power, tyrannical habits, megalomania, and more. Dallas and many parts of Texas have a credo that “Bigger is better.” They might as well have pyramids and a Sphinx or two down there. I guess they do have that in Memphis, but that’s a city named after the city from the ancient world where… okay, going too far.
While that kind of synchronicity is rare, this is one kind of thing you might see here. We're going to strive to be anything but dry. You'll encounter a wide variety of voices, styles and concepts, from spoken word to prose to anything anyone can come up with. Get hype.

Four days.

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